sabato 19 gennaio 2008


To be Happy is...?

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Andrea ha detto...

For me to be happy is to feel wild in the wilderness...

MedaM ha detto...

Great, great photos, Andrea! What a wonderful green colour and the effect of the motions are super!
You always make my day with your wonderful comments you use to leave on my blog. Thank you for that, very much! Little things make me happy always!
Have a wonderful weekend!

JB's Big World ha detto...

Nice photos Andrea!

L.Reis ha detto... to feel a hand inside our own even it's not to be able to seek for surprises on our daily life with a childish eaggerness...

beautiful wild
beautiful wilderness

mm ha detto...

Is to fell alive!

Mariana Copello ha detto...

to be happy is...disfrutar los colores y sus contrastes como en esta foto...(and something else!)


Giò ha detto...

Si, dà proprio un senso di felicità!
Le tue foto mi piacciono tanto perchè sempre particolari ed imprevedibili!

un dress ha detto...

to run green

to be hit by words

to let them print your skin

and soul

to breath to s m i le :)

vera ha detto...

to be happy is to BE woman!:-))

Anabolena Meza ha detto...

La felicidad es la tranquilidad del espìritu ...artìstico que nos hace creer y sentir que somos libres para expresarnos.

Un abrazo.


Pd:..tambièn ayuda tener amigos especiales como tù :D