giovedì 24 gennaio 2008

Blue Ice





Whatever is beautiful comes from Water

Whatever astonish us comes from Water

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JB's Big World ha detto...

Amazing. Blue with a hint of purple.

MedaM ha detto...

What gorgeous photos! I especially like the first one.

vera ha detto...

What tells you the ice ? for when is the end of the world??? it looks blue , but a dirty blue ....isn t it???

~pi ha detto...

nice blue ice...

:) waterworld!


un dress ha detto...

everything comes from water.

world and words....)


Mateso ha detto...

Nature at its best and most.
Beautiful beyond any words.
Thanks for your nice words at my blue space.

Anabolena Meza ha detto... las más hermosas fotos que has hecho Andrea....súper especiales....te felicito, qué belleza...!!!

Ele ^_^ ha detto...

Davvero stupende, complimentoni! ^^
A presto!

L.Reis ha detto...

...maybe because water was our first craddle...we retain a liquid memory made of silence.
You've found a place were blue was shaped by cold and water. Bello!

Lara ha detto...

beautiful ice!