lunedì 17 agosto 2009

Will You?

Will You,Humans
Will You
Let me Live?

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MedaM ha detto...

Ciao my friend! I am glad to see you back. I can imagine what a wonderful time you had during your holiday.
This close up photo is spectacular; it has just took my breath away.
Have a nice day! :-)

Anna ha detto...

Oh this is surreal, I love it! Hope all is well. Anna :)

Mateso ha detto...

Of course you do, by all means!!

Marka ha detto...

Perhaps "when will we leave nature alone" is a better question.

Take only pictures, leave only footprints.

Giò ha detto...

Una foto silmile avevo cercato anch'io di farla tempo fà, ma non mi è riuscita bene a causa della luce poco ottimale. a tua invece è perfetta!

Paolo ha detto...

bella e significativa