venerdì 28 novembre 2008

The Jackal Flower

Where Lonelyness only
Can Exist.
The Jackal Flower Blossoms.

5 commenti:

Andrea ha detto...

This is the first flower to blossom on the Kalahari Dunes after the cold and dry winter:it is called Jackal Flower.

Diana ha detto...

Questa foto mi ha colpito appena ho aperto il blog!E' molto dolce!

MedaM ha detto...

I am impressed with this photo! What a lovely flower with its long white petals… and the shadow that the flower made on the send is just great. Thanks for sharing this photo!

L.Reis ha detto... looks so...pure and full of strenght ...just loved the brightness and the shadow detail.

Stefi ha detto...

meraviglioso! dalla terra al cielo