domenica 12 ottobre 2008

The Ancient Fisherman

And my only Richness
will be a colorful reflex
on the Sea

5 commenti:

L.Reis ha detto...

Now you made me envy your words... :) so beautiful... I could spend hours looking at a living canvas changing with light and the quiet movement of the water. I like seeing things through your eyes. :)

MedaM ha detto...

Beautiful colours, great reflection! I really love it. The second photo looks like an oil painting.

Mateso ha detto...

Hi! Down there or up there? whateever, .. there is something in my blog I'd like you to pick up. It is a chain "A Dart Stamp "to recognize your blog as one of the best among the best... have a look, please.

Gabriel ha detto...

Bellas fotografías, Andrea.


Giò ha detto...

Belle, bellissime e colorate! E poi ti ho già detto quanto io adori i riflessi sull'acqua, no? ;)