domenica 7 settembre 2008

The Fine Art of Disappear / 1

To Become a Tree
And Wait...
Wait for Spring

5 commenti:

Gabriel ha detto...

Immagini belle.


L.Reis ha detto...

Yes, I'm back! :)
And as I thought, you brought with you the magic mood of those untamed places...I've seen all you pictures and for a moment I felt the music of your words...glad to be back here, Andrea!

Diana ha detto...

Bella...interessante anche il testo... fa pensare!

MedaM ha detto...

It is just fantastic photo; the texture of the tree and the details on the body of that “guy”. And the words that go with the photo are beautiful as usual! Just like you I too find it is often difficult to find the right words for something you like in a language which isn’t your native.

Mateso ha detto...

Let's wait ant till then let's hope. The grasshopper is gorgeous.