lunedì 16 giugno 2008


Hidden in the Grass
Waiting for Someone
Who Discovers
My Shining Beauty

Lacerta viridis,it.Ramarro,eng.Green Lizard

5 commenti:

Anabolena Meza ha detto...é divana lagartija, me encanta esta foto..!


Dsole ha detto...

I think I've never been before... thank you for your comment, so nice you've discovered your blog to me! :)
I rellay like those opium plants, pics are beautiful, and the one with the water... smooth
See you!

MedaM ha detto...

It was hidden but you found it. The photo is wonderful especially when it is enlarged for more details that can be seen better on the lizard green body.

L.Reis ha detto...

What a colour!!! (I always thought that the human species lacks colour :D)

Mateso ha detto...

Dear God... It seems to me that the friendly blogs I pop in have decided to post reptiles... and I hate them.. Really do.
Sorry. I find the images beautiful but without such creatures... sorry!