mercoledì 4 giugno 2008

Big Mouth

A Gate to Somewhere
lost forever?
A Gate for Something
waiting who dares
to Go nearby?

Kapadokya - Turkey

5 commenti:

vera ha detto...

a splendid animal you mean !! The opened mouth and the small horns of giraffe, don t you see??

L.Reis ha detto...

Cappadicia...a unique place with a hidden tale in each step of the a mouth opened to the unknown.
I loved the perspective here, it gave a great power to the image and accentuated the metaphoric meaning of the whole.

MedaM ha detto...

There is something mysterious in that...or it is only the perspective or maybe your lines and black and white version of the photo that make me think like that and to feel strange while looking at that big mouth and big eyes of that scary rock.

Diana ha detto...

E questo bianco e nero??? stupendo !!

Anabolena Meza ha detto...

Parece un lugar hecho por extraterrestres...divino...!