sabato 15 marzo 2008


In a Blood Red Desert
I'm waiting for you.
The Thin Lines in my Brain
are still Vibrating...
And counting the Red Grains
I'm waiting for you.
Whith a Knife pierced in my Arm
I'm waiting for you.
I Know:I've only to wait...
And you will raise behind the Dunes,
so Silver and so Full
Bringing the Fresh of the Night
And Peace for my Mind.

-(Namib Desert 2006)-

4 commenti:

Anabolena Meza ha detto...

Preciosas imágenes y letras Andrea, muy poético, sentimental.


vera ha detto...

original, but very small pictures for the effects

MedaM ha detto...

What wonderful color of desert! It is interesting that grass in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful photos followed by sentimental lines!

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