mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008

Sperm Whale

Who will dare?

Who will dare to hear my Mighty Breath?

Who will dare to Follow me in the Darkness?

The Darkness of a Deep and Cold Sea...

(Pictures taken in the Artic Sea,North to Lofoten Islands)
(Sorry for the quality not perfect:I had very thick gloves,and the camera wasn't
working at the best for the cold...)

4 commenti:

jero ha detto...

Muy lindas, fotos la verdad que el blog esta excelente,y la musica tambien, estas fotos me hacen acordar a mi paso por puerto piramide, donde las ballenas van a aparearse......
saludos desde argentina.
pd: pasate por mi blog:

Giò ha detto...

Le balene, le adoro!!!
Cosa darei per fotografarle!!!
Bellissima la seconda con la coda intera!

L.Reis ha detto...

Great "film" Andrea... I've only seen one of this in Azores where I use to spend my vacations...I was so enchanted that I forgot I had a camera :D:D I didn't take one single picture and I called myself a lot of bad names afterwards :D:D
This is an unforgetable experience and your second picture is a tru "postcard"!!

Mateso ha detto...

Yuor are really a lucky chap! Gosh! What else wonders have you shared?
Just show us poor things!