domenica 23 dicembre 2007

Fly Away

Picture from the Web.
I fly to South Africa.
See you next year.

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vera ha detto...

i l ove south africa and namibia too- as i was living in La reunion, islanfd not far from south africa, i know every par t of south africa- drakkensberg veru beautifull during the dry season -august- the coast between cap town and namibia, kruger of course... but during dry season- the center, the winter with snow.. august-really! i love all part- less the north and not at all afrikaners in the north..take care.. white peole much worst than black... :-))) have lovely pictures! cheeta... yes yes, beware in Kruger- elephants specialy!!!-

MedaM ha detto...

Three lovely, cute little heads! :-))
Have a wonderful time in South Africa, Andrea!
Wishing you Marry Christmans and Happy, healthy,peaceful and prosperous New Year!

inès ha detto...

So cute !

My best wishes for the new year !

L.Reis ha detto...

Wow!! Hope you had the most wonderful time (hope you had time to take some great pictures to amaze us :D)
Let me wish you a 2008 where the impossible can happen and where you can choose your own dreams...I'll be here to see some of them :):)