venerdì 21 dicembre 2007

Christmas on Venice Lagoon

Fine Glass and Light
Like the beauty of this Land:
A thin Line between Sky and Sea

3 commenti:

L.Reis ha detto...

Well..I'm always searching for magic and enchantment, because they are the gift I offer myself...and I have to thank you, because in these pictures I've found both...exquisite shapes and colours, they almost look alive...
Have yourself the most wonderful Christmas, full of all those things that makes you, and those that you love, smile!

MedaM ha detto...

These photos are great! I love its colours, light....there are really some magic in them.!

ONEDIA ha detto...

Andrea, 2 of my favorite things combined. Studio glass sculpture and Venezia. Ahhhh to be in Venice again would be perfection.