mercoledì 7 novembre 2007

Devil's Wing

One Night
A Devil came next to my bed
And He kissed my Eyes
With his cold lips
And He took my Brain far
Far away from my life
In a dark and unknown land

4 commenti:

Osselin ha detto...

Io credo que la poesia e molto vera.
Tuti noi in qualque momenti de la vita aviamo sentito the devil's wing

L.Reis ha detto... in the darkness...remembering a devil's kiss..."light me a memory" I can find my way back and find the one that I once was ...
Nice series and words!

MedaM ha detto...

Ciao Andrea,
The photos are interesting and the title goes well with them….but the lines are so scary!

Anabolena Meza ha detto...

Las fotos de los sentimientos y sensaciones son bellas y difíciles, me encantan las propuestas atrevidas :D