mercoledì 13 giugno 2007


... and they tasted the sweet fruit of Lotus,and didn't want to come back anymore.
They wanted to stay there forever with the Lotus-Eaters.
They wanted to stay there eating Lotus...
They forgot the idea to go back home.
-----Homer's Odissey-----

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angeldreams ha detto...

Ciao Andrea

These pictures are amazing 'couse I don't know that fruit.
My shot of the "feetprint" in my blog, they belown to a zoom of a splited onion :) and some people beleave that it is about the inside of a rock or a sten.
Did you remember the picture that I called "juajuajua"? good, looks like a big smile but it's a zoom of a corn, you know.It seams so funny :D

Pd:I don't know if in Italy the corn is salty like hear or sweet like in U.S.A.The next weekend i send you the cooking directions of the colombian soops such "ajiaco" and "sancocho", so you send me back the cooking direction of a salad and a soop from Italy, ok? ;)

Grazie per tutto Andrea, ci vediamo domani.Bacino.

Andrea ha detto...

Angeldreams: gracias por la tu visita. Lotus is big plant with white flowers that live in the water, in spanish "lirio de agua".
In Italy we have only natural corn,without salt or sugar.
Nice idea for the cooking directions.
Ciao Gentile Amica

Osselin ha detto...

Esto no es una foto, es una poesía.Bellísima poesia.