giovedì 24 maggio 2007

The Great Grey Owl

Very hot weather on my town today.
Two cold pictures to get fresh...
The Great Grey Owl:Strix nebulosa.
In italian: Allocco di Lapponia
In swedish: Lappuggla
One of the biggest european owls: about 60 cm high
Picture shot in Sweden, in wintertime, during an intense snowfall

3 commenti:

ΓΑΪΔΑΡΑ ha detto...

such a great animal... i hope they will protect themselves from us so that they won't be annihilated :(... great shots!

Fiamma ha detto...

Hi Andrea... thanks for your visit and let me tell you that your photos are great!!! I enjoyed them.. ;)

Saletomu ha detto...

Andrea, gracias por la visita, cuando quieras puedes venir.
Tu blog es hermoso también, tan lleno de flores...lindo!!!

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